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Figure 7

From: Complexes between the LKB1 tumor suppressor, STRADα/β and MO25α/β are upstream kinases in the AMP-activated protein kinase cascade

Figure 7

AMPK is activated and phosphorylated in response to AICA riboside and phenformin in LKB1+/+ but not in LKB1-/- MEF cells. Cells immortalized from control embryos LKB1+/+ and LKB1-/- knockout embryos [14], were incubated with AICA riboside (2 mM) or phenformin (10 mM) for 1 hour. Lysates were prepared and AMPK activity (expressed as units per mg total lysate protein) determined in immunoprecipitates made using a mixture of anti-AMPKα1 and anti-AMPKα2 antibodies. Lysates were also analyzed by SDS gel electrophoresis and blots probed using anti-LKB1, anti-AMPKα1/β2, and anti-pT172 antibodies.

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