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Table 1 Domains associated with genes predicted to function in specific biological processes

From: The functional landscape of mouse gene expression

Predicted function Enriched domain Description of domain Proportion of genes with this domain -log10 significance (P)
Chromosome organization or DNA packaging HMG HMG (high mobility group) box 13/87 10.5
Pregnancy/embryo implantation Hormone_1 Somatotropin hormone family 3/14 7.3
Acyl-CoA/fatty acid/peroxisome FabG Short-chain alcohol dehydrogenase 3/11 6.8
RNA/ribosome metabolism/processing RRM RNA recognition motif 10/149 6.6
Carboxylic acid/amine metabolism ECH Enoyl-CoA hydratase/isomerase family 3/62 6.2
Humoral immune response Sp100 The function of this domain is unknown 2/95 6.1
Vision Uteroglobin The function of this domain is unknown 3/56 5.9
RNA-nucleus import/export COG5136 U1 snRNP-specific protein C 2/13 5.7
Microtubule-based process Smc Chromosome-segregation ATPases 4/86 5.2
  1. P values were calculated using the hypergeometric P value [48], which compares against expectation from random draws among the 15,443 XM genes with encoded domains. Domain names and descriptions are from the NCBI 'COG' database [65].