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Table 1 Cellular dynamics in OX40-DTA mouse model [1]

From: Life and death as a T lymphocyte: from immune protection to HIV pathogenesis

   Numbers (%)* (YFP+ (%)) Turnover Death
CD4+ Naïve -12 (8) CFSE ↑, Ki67 ≈, BrdU ≈ ND§
  Memory 0 (55) Ki67 ↑, BrdU ≈
  Treg -40 (80) Ki67 ↑, BrdU ↑
CD8+ Naïve +4 (1) CFSE ≈ ND
  Memory +133 (3) BrdU ≈ ND
B cells   +53   
  1. *Percentage decrease or increase in cell population numbers compared with normal controls. Percentage of cell population marked for DTA-mediated deletion by the yellow fluorescent protein marker (YFP). Determined by loss of BrdU-labeled cells, which might also be influenced by dilution of label following proliferation. ND, not done; ≈, approximately equal to normal controls; ↑, increased compared with normal controls; §The increase in BrdU labeling was too low to be determined. The method by which cell turnover was assessed is indicated: BrdU, bromodeoxyuridine, is incorporated into the DNA of proliferating cells upon administration to mice; CFSE, carboxyfluorescein succinimidyl ester, is diluted out from adoptively transferred CFSE-labeled cells with each successive division; Ki67, a protein that is expressed in the nucleus of recently divided cells.