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Table 1 Axis induction by Dsh constructs

From: Nuclear localization is required for Dishevelled function in Wnt/β-catenin signaling

Injected RNA Total number of injected embryos Complete secondary axes (%) Partial secondary axes (%)
Experiment 1    
Dsh-GFP 150 46.6 25.3
DsNESm-GFP 194 54.6 30.4
Experiment 2    
Dsh-GFP 144 28.5 45.1
DsNLSm-GFP 149 0.7 39.5
DsSNLS-GFP 137 24.0 42.3
  1. Embryos were injected as described in Figure 1e,f. Partial secondary axes are defined by a morphologically visible ectopic neural tube up to the hindbrain level. Complete axes are defined by the presence of the secondary head structures, including eyes and cement glands. The frequency of secondary axes in uninjected embryos was less than 1%. Data pooled from several independent experiments are shown.