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Figure 8

From: Global analysis of X-chromosome dosage compensation

Figure 8

Escaping dosage compensation. (a,b) Moving average of expression ratios plotted against position along the X chromosome (red) and autosome 2L (black) from (a) sex-transformed soma and (b) germline. (c-f) Histograms of genes showing expression ratios greater than 1.5-fold in either XX;AA (gray) or X;AA (black) transformed soma (c,d) and germline (e,f). Genotypes are indicated. Genes were analyzed by chromosome arm (number of genes >1.5-fold on arm/total on arm)/(number of genes >1.5-fold in genome/total in genome). Χ2 tests (p > 0.3) indicate that there is no enrichment on the X chromosome for genes expressed more than 1.5-fold in XX;AA soma, but that there is enrichment in gonads (*, p < 10-3).

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