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Figure 8

From: Comprehensive curation and analysis of global interaction networks in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Figure 8

Correlation of interactions with protein abundance and localization. (a) Statistical enrichment of interaction pairs as a function of protein abundance for each indicated dataset. Protein or gene pairs were separated into bins representing increasing protein abundance as derived from a genome-wide analysis [67] and shaded according to enrichment over chance distribution (the scale bar indicates the fraction of total interactions, with lighter regions indicating enrichment). Inf indicates infinity. Raw abundance distributions in each dataset are provided in Additional data file 3. (b) Correlation ratios of interactions between proteins of different locality for LC-PI and LC-GI networks. Blue regions in the diagonal indicate that interactions within the locality group are enhanced, while the off-diagonal red regions indicate that interactions of proteins from different localities are suppressed. Nodes with multiple localities were treated as missing values. Proteome-wide localization annotation [68] was available for 1,404 proteins (around 52%) in the LC dataset. The expected number of interactions was generated using 200 iterations of randomized versions of both original networks. Random networks were generated by an edge-swapping procedure, which maintains the degree-distribution, and localization assignments were shuffled among those nodes that had a single locality (the scale bar indicates fold enrichment over chance).

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