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Figure 11

From: The short coiled-coil domain-containing protein UNC-69 cooperates with UNC-76 to regulate axonal outgrowth and normal presynaptic organization in Caenorhabditis elegans

Figure 11

UNC-69 does not colocalize with the Golgi marker mansII. Punc-69::cfp::unc-69 and Punc-69::mansII::yfp plasmids were coinjected at 5 ng/μl each into unc-69(e587) mutant hermaphrodites, and worms rescued for locomotion were selected for analysis. (a-c) Subcellular localization of CFP::UNC-69 and mansII::YFP in a stretch of axon in the DNC in an adult hermaphrodite animal. The scale bar represents 10 μm. (d-i) Subcellular localization of CFP::UNC-69 and mansII::YFP in the cell bodies of a tail neuron (d-f) and a neuron in the VNC (g-i) in adult hermaphrodite animals. UNC-69 and mansII usually occupied distinct subcellular regions (arrows in (c,f,i)); only occasionally did the expression patterns of the two proteins overlap (arrowheads in (c,i)). Anterior is to the left and dorsal is up in all pictures. All pictures are deconvoluted single focal plane images. (j) Mean fluorescence intensity of CFP::UNC-69 and mansII::YFP along a 17 μm distance inside the bracketed region in (c).

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