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Archived Comments for: Dosage compensation is less effective in birds than in mammals

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  1. Gene dosage - its misunderstood basis

    Denys Wheatley, Editor in Chief, CCI and TBMM

    5 April 2007

    Dr Itoh et al's paper, while interesting in its specific detail, has not grasped the basis of gene dosage. I recommend the authors reconsider this basis by consulting two early papers in TBMM (Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling), which is a BMC journal. The references are to John W Porteous' papers:

    TBMM 1, 4, 2004

    TBMM 1, 6, 2004

    both of which are discussion on the meaning of Mendelian "genetics" (traits) when considered in the light of Kacser's Metabolic Regulation Hypothesis. Gene dosage is best understood only when levels of enzymes (or their products) approach a rate-limiting level within any metabolic (biocheical) pathway.

    Competing interests

    As indicated above, I am foundin editor (Editor-in Chief) of BMC's CCI and TBMM journals