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Table 2 Zebra finch genes showing sex difference in more than one tissue

From: Dosage compensation is less effective in birds than in mammals

GenBank accession number Gene symbol Category Brain Kidney Liver P1 brain
CK311497 CBWD1 Z 3.6E-03 5.3E-02   7.8E-02
  Cyclophilin A 3.8E-02    5.5E-02
CK315180 DNAJA1 Z 2.3E-04 2.0E-03 3.1E-04 6.6E-03
DV959526 ERCC8 Z 2.8E-02    4.9E-02
CK304072 FST Z 4.4E-05   5.2E-02 1.2E-02
CK313884 HSD17B4 Z 7.5E-06 2.6E-05 2.7E-02 3.2E-03
CK304237 LUZP1 Z 5.1E-03    1.1E-02
CK310795 MCCC2 A 2.1E-02 1.5E-04   
CK311614 PSIP1 Z 5.7E-02    9.8E-02
CK310447 RIOK2 A 5.8E-02    3.5E-03
CK316148 RPS6 Z 2.9E-05 5.6E-07 8.5E-03 2.0E-04
DV958433 SMARCA2 Z 5.6E-04 2.6E-03   6.3E-02
DV946673 TARS Z 1.4E-02   9.3E-02  
DV948056 TNPO1 Z 2.4E-02    2.1E-02
CK314627 UBAP2L A 4.5E-04    1.3E-02
DV946458 UHRF2 Z 1.0E-02   8.1E-02  
DV955869   Z 2.1E-06 2.2E-02   
CK313394   Z 3.0E-03 6.5E-04 2.6E-02 2.1E-03
DV956828   Z 6.6E-03    2.9E-02
CK305660   A 1.1E-04 2.0E-02   6.7E-04
DV953757   Z 6.9E-03    1.8E-03
  1. The P-value for each tissue reflects the results of the paired t-test.