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Figure 2

From: A global analysis of genetic interactions in Caenorhabditis elegans

Figure 2

The SGI network. (a) The precision and recall of the 51 unique network variants, as calculated with respect to GO Biological Process annotation (see Materials and methods). The high-confidence variant is highlighted in pink and the SGI variant in teal. (b) The SGI network contains 1,246 unique synthetic genetic interactions, of which 833 (67%) are between a query gene and a gene in the signaling set, and 413 (33%) are between a query gene and a gene in the LGIII set. Visualization generated with Cytoscape [85]. (c) The percentage of target interactions per query gene in both the signaling (dark-blue) and the LGIII (light-blue) networks. The raw number of interacting target genes in each experiment (signaling, LGIII) is shown below each bar. The error bars represent one standard deviation assuming a binomial distribution.

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