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Figure 3

From: A global analysis of genetic interactions in Caenorhabditis elegans

Figure 3

Global patterns of interactions within the SGI network. (a) Two-dimensional clustergram of SGI interactions based on average strength of interaction. RNAi-targeted genes are represented along the rows and the 11 query hypomorphs across the columns. The shades from black to yellow on the bottom scale indicate increasing interaction strength, and shades from black to light-blue indicate increasing alleviating interaction strength. Alleviating interaction strengths indicate that the double reduction-of-function worms grow better than controls. (b) The query network. Query genes (nodes) are linked in this network if they share a significant number of interaction partners or if there is evidence of a functional interaction (see text). Edges are colored according to the type of supporting evidence (see text and Materials and methods for more details). Visualization generated with Cytoscape [85].

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