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Figure 8

From: A global analysis of genetic interactions in Caenorhabditis elegans

Figure 8

SGI interactions bridge subnetworks. (a) Three hypothetical subnetworks are depicted. We asked whether SGI interactions are more likely to bridge subnetworks (left) or fall within subnetworks (right). (b) An example of a bridged subnetwork pair is shown. A 'regulation of body size' co-phenotype subnetwork (green links) is linked to a 'formation of primary germline' coexpression subnetwork (blue links) via six SGI interactions (pink links). Visualization generated with Visant [86]. (c) Broad subnetworks were identified separately within the coexpression (blue), co-phenotype (green), and interolog (purple) networks (see Materials and methods). All broad subnetworks that are significantly bridged with at least one other broad subnetwork by SGI interactions (pink edges) are shown. Nodes (black dots) represent individual genes. Visualization generated with Visant [86].

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