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Table 4 Genetic interactions within the bar-1 module

From: A global analysis of genetic interactions in Caenorhabditis elegans

Target gene bar-1-linked (in SGI network) bar-1-linked (retest)
C27F2.10 Y Y
efl-1 N N
lin-2 N N
lin-7 Y Y
lin-35 Y Y
lin-39 N N
ogt-1 Y W
prx-5 Y Y
T20B12.7 Y Y
ZC395.10 Y N
bar-1 ND N
B0432.3 ND Y
exo-3 ND N
F29C12.4 ND Y
F54C9.6 ND Y
lin-23 ND N
mrp-5 ND Y
T01E8.6 ND Y
T09A5.5 ND Y
ubc-18 ND N
Y48E1B.5 ND Y
  1. The target genes are the 21 genes of the bar-1 module, including the bar-1 query. The second column lists the nine interactions between the targets and the bar-1 query within the bar-1 module that were tested in the original SGI matrix. Y, an interaction was inferred; N, no interaction was inferred; ND, gene pair not tested in SGI. In the retest, all nodes within the bar-1 module were targeted by RNAi in the background of bar-1(gm80). ogt-1 interacted weakly (W) in the direct test, and also had weak interaction scores within the original SGI matrix. We therefore counted ogt-1 as a target that behaved similarly in both the SGI matrix and the detailed examination of the bar-1 module.