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Table 1 Gene expression changes seen in earthworms exposed to five different soil contaminants

From: Genomics technology for assessing soil pollution

  Copper Cadmium Fluoranthene Atrazine TNT
Species L. rubellus L. rubellus L. rubellus L. rubellus Eisenia fetida
Exposure time 70 days 28 days 28 days 28 days 28 days
Exposure concentration range (mg/kg) 10-480 13-500 14-533 19-59 2-39
Metabolic category      
   Detoxification Y Y Y Y  
   Oxidative stress Y Y Y   Y
   Mitochondrial electron transport Y Y Y Y Y
   Calcium binding and signaling Y Y    Y
   Iron homeostasis and oxygen transport Y Y    Y
   Blood coagulation and fibrinolysis      Y
   Impaired immune function   Y    Y
   Protein damage repair and catabolism Y   Y Y  
   Lipid metabolism Y     
   Glycolysis and carbohydrate metabolism Y     
   Cell cycle and apoptosis Y    Y  
   Muscle contraction   Y    Y
   DNA damage and repair   Y   Y  
   Neurological dysfunction      Y
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  1. Y indicates the broad metabolic categories in which significant changes in gene expression were observed in response to the indicated contaminants.