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Table 1 Useful links to therapy, disease, drug and drug-target network data

From: Drug-therapy networks and the prediction of novel drug targets

Name Description References
DrugBank A bioinformatics-cheminformatics resource combining detailed drug data with comprehensive drug target information with over 4,900 drug entries (about 3,500 experimental) and about 1,500 non-redundant protein entries [26]
Drug-target Network Network data of 890 drugs and 394 target human proteins [6]
Drug-Therapy Network Three layers of drug-therapy networks according to the ATC classification [8]
Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM) A knowledgebase of human genes and genetic disorders [27]
Potential Drug Target Database (PDTD) A three-dimensional drug target structure database with a target identification option [28]
Predicted drug targets A set of 1,383 predicted drug targets [17]
Protein ligand network A network of 4,208 ligands and about 15,000 binding sites [9]
Therapeutic Target Database Lists over 1,500 therapeutic targets, disease conditions and corresponding drugs [29]
FDA Orange Book Approved drug products with therapeutic equivalence evaluations [32]
Investigational Drugs database (IDdb) Thomson Investigational drugs database including information on 107,000 patents, 25,000 investigational drugs and 80,000 chemical structures [33]
TDR Targets Database Identification and ranking targets against neglected tropical diseases [34]