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Table 1 APC subunits in different organisms

From: Mechanisms of ubiquitin transfer by the anaphase-promoting complex

S. cerevisiae S. pombe Mammals D. melanogaster Comments
Core subunits     
Apc1 Cut4 Apc1/Tsg24   
Apc2 Apc2 Apc2   Cullin domain
Cdc27 Nuc2 Cdc27   TPRs
Apc4 Lid1 Apc4   
Apc5 Apc5 Apc5   
Cdc16 Cut9 Apc6   TPRs
- - Apc7   TPRs
Cdc23 Cut23 Cdc23   TPRs
Apc9 - -   
Doc1 Apc10 Apc10   Doc domain
Apc11 Apc11 Apc11   RING finger
Cdc26 Hcn1 Cdc26   
Swm1 Apc13 -   
Mnd2 Apc15 -   
- Apc14 -   
Cdc20 Slp1 Cdc20/p55CDC Fizzy/FZY WD40 repeats
Cdh1/Hct1 Srw1/Ste9 Cdh1 Fizzy-related/FZR WD40 repeats
Ama1 Mfr1    Meiosis-specific
  1. Dashes indicate that no homologous subunit has been identified in that species. Most core subunits are not yet identified in Drosophila melanogaster. Motifs in APC subunits include tetratricopeptide repeats (TPRs) and WD40 repeats, both of which form domains that are typically involved in protein-protein interactions. Modified from [6].