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    Recently in BMC Medical Genomics, Tozeren and colleagues have uncovered virus-host interactions by searching for conserved peptide motifs in HIV and human proteins. Their computational model provides a novel pers...

    Authors: Eric Y Chan, Marcus J Korth and Michael G Katze

    Citation: Journal of Biology 2009 8:84

    Published on:

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    Anionic lipids affect the function of many channels, including connexins, as shown in a recent report in BMC Biology. These effects might follow from direct binding of the anionic lipids to the channels.

    Authors: Anthony G Lee

    Citation: Journal of Biology 2009 8:86

    Published on:

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    Data recently published in BMC Biology provide insights into the normal physiological function of c-myc in the development and regeneration of the mammary gland and indicate a key role in epithelial cell prolifer...

    Authors: Nicole M Sodir and Gerard I Evan

    Citation: Journal of Biology 2009 8:77

    Published on:

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    Developmental biology, regenerative medicine and cancer biology are increasingly occupied with the molecular characterization of stem cells. Yet recent work adds to a growing body of literature suggesting that...

    Authors: Arthur D Lander

    Citation: Journal of Biology 2009 8:70

    Published on:

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    In mammals, the sex of the embryo is determined by the fate of the gonad. Recent papers, including one in BMC Developmental Biology, shed light on the molecular regulation of ovarian development and suggest that ...

    Authors: Serge Nef and Jean-Dominique Vassalli

    Citation: Journal of Biology 2009 8:74

    Published on:

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    Because of the increasing recognition of the importance of non-coding RNAs in gene regulation, there is considerable interest in identifying RNA motifs in genomic data. In a recent report in BMC Genomics, Breaker...

    Authors: Tony W Hwang, Vlad Codrea and Andrew D Ellington

    Citation: Journal of Biology 2009 8:72

    Published on:

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    Absolute pitch has proved useful as an alternative perspective from which to investigate various cognitive faculties. A new functional magnetic resonance imaging study published recently in BMC Neuroscience adds ...

    Authors: Patrick Bermudez and Robert J Zatorre

    Citation: Journal of Biology 2009 8:75

    Published on:

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    Genetic approaches to dissecting complex traits in animal models increasingly use transcript levels as a molecular phenotype and as validation for predictions of gene function. A recent study in BMC Biology using...

    Authors: Anna J Jasinska and Nelson B Freimer

    Citation: Journal of Biology 2009 8:71

    Published on:

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    Molecular techniques for identifying pathogens associated with cancer continue to be developed, including one reported recently in BMC Medical Genomics. Identifying a causal infectious agent helps in understandin...

    Authors: Lucy Dalton-Griffin and Paul Kellam

    Citation: Journal of Biology 2009 8:67

    Published on:

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    A recent paper in BMC Developmental Biology describes the development of the annulus of the mouse sperm cell, but much remains to be learnt about sperm cells despite their importance in human fertility.

    Authors: Christopher LR Barratt, Vanessa Kay and Senga K Oxenham

    Citation: Journal of Biology 2009 8:63

    Published on:

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    Although mice lacking the architectural DNA binding factor HMGA1 are diabetic and express very low levels of the insulin receptor, they have increased insulin sensitivity. A study in BMC Biology now suggests that...

    Authors: Robert K Semple

    Citation: Journal of Biology 2009 8:64

    Published on:

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    The 'action' in genome-level evolution lies not in the large gene-containing segments that are conserved among related species, but in the breakpoint regions between these segments. Two recent papers in BMC Genom...

    Authors: David Sankoff

    Citation: Journal of Biology 2009 8:66

    Published on:

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    Reconstructing the 'Tree of Life' is complicated by extensive horizontal gene transfer between diverse groups of organisms. While numerous conceptual and technical obstacles remain, a report in this issue of Jour...

    Authors: Kristen S Swithers, J Peter Gogarten and Gregory P Fournier

    Citation: Journal of Biology 2009 8:54

    Published on:

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    How vernalization – exposure to a period of cold – induces flowering in Arabidopsis has been intensively investigated at the genetic and moleular levels. Recent papers, including one in BMC Plant Biology, shed li...

    Authors: Elizabeth S Dennis and W James Peacock

    Citation: Journal of Biology 2009 8:57

    Published on:

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    Vast supercolonies of interconnected nests formed by unicolonial ant species are the largest cooperative groups of animals known. Research published recently in BMC Evolutionary Biology reveals that a supercolony...

    Authors: Heikki Helanterä

    Citation: Journal of Biology 2009 8:56

    Published on:

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    The annual migration of the Monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus) from eastern North America to central Mexico is one of nature's most inspiring spectacles. Recent studies including one in BMC Biology, have begun ...

    Authors: Charalambos P Kyriacou

    Citation: Journal of Biology 2009 8:55

    Published on:

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    A novel diversified multigene family of tripartite-motif (TRIM) intracellular receptors with putative antiviral activity has been identified in teleost fish and published in BMC Biology. The history of these rece...

    Authors: Louis Du Pasquier

    Citation: Journal of Biology 2009 8:50

    Published on:

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    Apoptosis appears to be a carefully orchestrated process for the ordered dismantling of cells. A recent paper in BMC Developmental Biology shows that the disassembly of adherens junctions during apoptosis in Dros...

    Authors: Magali Suzanne and Hermann Steller

    Citation: Journal of Biology 2009 8:49

    Published on:

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    Prion variants faithfully propagate across species barriers, but if the barrier is too high, new variants (mutants) are selected, as shown in a recent BMC Biology report. Protein sequence alteration can prevent a...

    Authors: Reed B Wickner, Herman K Edskes, Frank Shewmaker, Dmitry Kryndushkin and Julie Nemecek

    Citation: Journal of Biology 2009 8:47

    Published on:

  20. Content type: Question & Answer

    Authors: Frederick P Roth, Howard D Lipshitz and Brenda J Andrews

    Citation: Journal of Biology 2009 8:35

    Published on:

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    A recent paper in BMC Microbiology shows how suppression of mosquito innate immunity against a virus that the mosquito can normally tolerate increases mosquito mortality. This is just one of several approaches th...

    Authors: Luke Alphey

    Citation: Journal of Biology 2009 8:40

    Published on:

  22. Content type: Minireview

    Several possible and potentially overlapping genetic mechanisms have been suggested to explain differences in life span between males and females. Two recent papers in BMC Evolutionary Biology on the effects of i...

    Authors: John Tower and Michelle Arbeitman

    Citation: Journal of Biology 2009 8:38

    Published on:

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    Taste cells regularly generate action potentials, but their functional significance in taste signaling is unclear. A paper in BMC Neuroscience reveals the identity of the voltage-gated Na+ channels underlying act...

    Authors: Aurelie Vandenbeuch and Sue C Kinnamon

    Citation: Journal of Biology 2009 8:42

    Published on:

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    The presence of mammary glands is the defining morphological feature of mammals. The recent assembly of the bovine genome and a report in Genome Biology that links the milk and lactation data of bovine and other ...

    Authors: Anthony V Capuco and R Michael Akers

    Citation: Journal of Biology 2009 8:37

    Published on:

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    The domesticated cow is the latest farm animal to have its genome sequenced and deciphered. The members of the Bovine Genome Consortium have published a series of papers on the assembly and what the sequence r...

    Authors: David W Burt

    Citation: Journal of Biology 2009 8:36

    Published on:

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    Analyses of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) have challenged the concept that genetic diversity within populations is governed by effective population size and mutation rate. A recent study in BMC Evolutionary Biology s...

    Authors: Hans Ellegren

    Citation: Journal of Biology 2009 8:41

    Published on: