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  1. Vertebrates share the same general body plan and organs, possess related sets of genes, and rely on similar physiological mechanisms, yet show great diversity in morphology, habitat and behavior. Alteration of...

    Authors: Esther T Chan, Gerald T Quon, Gordon Chua, Tomas Babak, Miles Trochesset, Ralph A Zirngibl, Jane Aubin, Michael JH Ratcliffe, Andrew Wilde, Michael Brudno, Quaid D Morris and Timothy R Hughes
    Citation: Journal of Biology 2009 8:33
  2. The protein kinase inhibitor imatinib, also known as Gleevec, has been a notable success in treating chronic myelogenous leukemia. A recent paper in BMC Structural Biology reports a 1.75 Å crystal structure of im...

    Authors: Shun J Lee and Jean YJ Wang
    Citation: Journal of Biology 2009 8:30

    The Erratum to this article has been published in BMC Biology 2010 8:82

  3. Metastasis is the major cause of death in breast cancer patients. Gene-expression studies have shown that the likelihood of metastasis can be predicted from analysis of primary tumors. Two recent papers in BMC Me...

    Authors: François Bertucci and Daniel Birnbaum
    Citation: Journal of Biology 2009 8:28
  4. Good early training of graduate students and postdocs is needed to prevent them turning into future generations of manuscript-savaging reviewers. How can we intercalate typical papers into our training?

    Authors: Virginia Walbot
    Citation: Journal of Biology 2009 8:24
  5. The relative sizes of parts of an organism frequently depend on the absolute size of the individual, a relationship that is generally described by power laws. I show here that these power laws are a consequenc...

    Authors: Charles F Stevens
    Citation: Journal of Biology 2009 8:14
  6. In 1959 Ernst Mayr challenged the relevance of mathematical models to evolutionary studies and was answered by JBS Haldane in a witty and convincing essay. Fifty years on, I conclude that the importance of mat...

    Authors: James F Crow
    Citation: Journal of Biology 2009 8:13
  7. An animal navigating to an unseen odor source must accurately resolve the spatiotemporal distribution of that stimulus in order to express appropriate upwind flight behavior. Intermittency of natural odor plum...

    Authors: Hong Lei, Jeffrey A Riffell, Stephanie L Gage and John G Hildebrand
    Citation: Journal of Biology 2009 8:21
  8. Although most epidemic human infectious diseases are caused by recently introduced pathogens, cospeciation of parasite and host is commonplace for endemic infections. Occasional host infidelity, however, provi...

    Authors: Robin A Weiss
    Citation: Journal of Biology 2009 8:20
  9. A recent report in BMC Biology indicates that modern humans first arrived in southern East Asia 60,000 years ago and settled the rest of East Asia from there. This early date and migration route has significant i...

    Authors: Roscoe Stanyon, Marco Sazzini and Donata Luiselli
    Citation: Journal of Biology 2009 8:18
  10. Since the mid-1990s, insights obtained from electron microscopy and X-ray crystallography have transformed our understanding of how the most important ribozyme in the cell, the ribosome, catalyzes protein synt...

    Authors: Peter B Moore
    Citation: Journal of Biology 2009 8:8
  11. The individual 'validation' experiments typically included in papers reporting genome-scale studies often do not reflect the overall merits of the work.

    Authors: Timothy R Hughes
    Citation: Journal of Biology 2009 8:3
  12. Sperm from Drosophila simulans that carry a sex-ratio distorter is preferentially lost from females' sperm-storage organs. This suggests that sperm dumping is a major factor affecting sperm competition in this sp...

    Authors: Tom Price, Zenobia Lewis and Nina Wedell
    Citation: Journal of Biology 2009 8:6
  13. The investigation of vertebrate limb regeneration, a favorite topic of early developmental biologists, is enjoying a renaissance thanks to recently developed molecular and genetic tools, as indicated in recent...

    Authors: Jessica L Whited and Clifford J Tabin
    Citation: Journal of Biology 2009 8:5
  14. Despite its remarkable capacity to undergo change at timescales ranging from a fraction of a second to a lifetime, there are many aspects of the nervous system that can be modified only at the enormously longe...

    Authors: Ithai Rabinowitch and William Schafer
    Citation: Journal of Biology 2008 7:37
  15. Cellular RNA polymerases are highly conserved enzymes that undergo complex conformational changes to coordinate the processing of nucleic acid substrates through the active site. Two domains in particular, the...

    Authors: Lin Tan, Simone Wiesler, Dominika Trzaska, Hannah C Carney and Robert OJ Weinzierl
    Citation: Journal of Biology 2008 7:40
  16. A comprehensive survey of single amino-acid substitution mutations critical for RNA polymerase function published in Journal of Biology supports a proposed mechanism for polymerase action in which movement of the...

    Authors: Craig D Kaplan and Roger D Kornberg
    Citation: Journal of Biology 2008 7:39
  17. Little is known about genetic variants that predispose individuals toward leanness or fatness. This minireview highlights recent advances in the study of human populations, animal models and synergistic effort...

    Authors: Daniel Pomp and Karen L Mohlke
    Citation: Journal of Biology 2008 7:36
  18. Recent data published in BMC Biology from the globin gene clusters in platypus, together with data from other species, show that β-globin genes transposed from one chromosomal location to another. This resolves s...

    Authors: Ross C Hardison
    Citation: Journal of Biology 2008 7:35
  19. The identification of aquaglyceroporins as uptake channels for arsenic and antimony shows how these toxic elements can enter the food chain, and suggests that food plants could be genetically modified to exclu...

    Authors: Hiranmoy Bhattacharjee, Rita Mukhopadhyay, Saravanamuthu Thiyagarajan and Barry P Rosen
    Citation: Journal of Biology 2008 7:33
  20. Cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) is a critical second messenger that regulates cardiovascular function and vision in humans. Two recent papers, including one in BMC Structural Biology, have revealed atomic s...

    Authors: John JG Tesmer
    Citation: Journal of Biology 2008 7:31
  21. A previous knockout of the transcription factor gene nuclear factor IX (NFIX) in mice produced impaired development of the corpus callosum and severe skeletal defects. A recent paper in BMC Developmental Biology ...

    Authors: Vladimir Pekarik and Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte
    Citation: Journal of Biology 2008 7:29
  22. How does an animal host prevent intracellular symbionts getting out of hand? A new paper in BMC Biology provides evidence that the mutualism between a beetle and its bacterial endosymbiont could be mediated throu...

    Authors: Stuart Reynolds and Jens Rolff
    Citation: Journal of Biology 2008 7:28
  23. One strategy for spinal cord injury repair is to make cellular bridges that support axon regeneration. However, the bridging cells often fail to integrate with host tissue and may lead to increased pain sensit...

    Authors: James W Fawcett
    Citation: Journal of Biology 2008 7:25
  24. Explaining the evolution of cooperative behavior is a long-standing problem for which much theory has been developed. A recent paper in BMC Biology tests central elements of this theory by manipulating a simple b...

    Authors: Carey D Nadell, Bonnie L Bassler and Simon A Levin
    Citation: Journal of Biology 2008 7:27
  25. Two critical challenges in developing cell-transplantation therapies for injured or diseased tissues are to identify optimal cells and harmful side effects. This is of particular concern in the case of spinal ...

    Authors: Jeannette E Davies, Christoph Pröschel, Ningzhe Zhang, Mark Noble, Margot Mayer-Pröschel and Stephen JA Davies
    Citation: Journal of Biology 2008 7:24
  26. The pathogenesis of severe malarial disease is not yet fully understood. It is clear that host immunopathology plays a central role, and a recent paper in BMC Evolutionary Biology suggests that the ability of the...

    Authors: Bridget Penman and Sunetra Gupta
    Citation: Journal of Biology 2008 7:22